about us

It is 5:48 a.m. and I’ve been awake since 4:40 ish. My youngest daughter, her husband and their new precious baby girl arrived home around 7:30 last night and returned to the emergency room this early morning with symptoms of a blood clot in mom’s leg. I am here at their home for their little boy, 1.5 year old. It is Wednesday and I have been here, soaking up all the sweet slobbery kisses and playing trucks and Legos with my favorite person on the planet…though as of Monday night I now have 3 favorite people. Life is…weird. Challenging. I don’t think life can be summed up in one word. My phone brightens in the just barely dawn (I don’t like lights first thing in the morning) and illuminates the words of encouragement to Dee from her older sister Tashi. This group text is full of everyday hoorays and tearful moments, life lived over the miles; together. this is the inspiration for this blog. L I F E.
We Three Moms are myself, Vicki, a grandmother of 1 delightful little boy and very recently 2 sweet granddaughters (a month and 2 states apart). My life is rich.

My daughters:

  • Tashi, 27 married with a 1 month old
  • Darian, 24 also married with a 1.5 year old boy and a 2 day old daughter (and possibly a nasty blood clot).

I am blessed to have close relationships with both of my girls and their families and this was the deciding factor in this blog. we each bring something to the table, each different in approaching life but able to bring life together with grace, appreciating our differences make a beautiful buffet, serving each other in the ways we can, bringing encouragement and support to dreams and strength to difficult days. I like to call it family grace, accepting that our love for one another supersedes our disagreements and differences equal spice and flavor in any family.
In our blog, we plan to do what moms (and grammas) do, cover a lot of bases and share love, encouragement and experience with anyone paying attention.