Here We Go!

We Three Moms consist of :

Vicki Melior, the Matriarch. The woman who quite literally started it all and sets the example that laughing at yourself is a good thing.

Darian Giesser, the data nerd. She geeks out on things like macro-nutrients and diaper rashes.

Tashi Melior, the DIY diva, thrift store pirate (because its always a treasure hunt) and rattle can queen.

We are all mothers with children ranging from newborn genius to having a 30 year old toddler. We are living life with only the bible as an instruction manual and a whole bunch of wine and grace to get us through each day. We operate out of love, we get angry because we care and we use humor to make everyday just a bit better. Above all though we are here for women. We are here to give moms, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and daughters encouragement, smiles, ideas, help, inspiration and a few hacks. We are going to share our experiences in hopes of helping other woman as we all go through this amazing, wonderful, crazy and full thing called life.